4 Big Reasons to Skip the Waiting Room

4 Big Reasons to Skip the Waiting Room

Have you ever waited in a waiting room at your primary care physician’s office or at the ER in the hospital? If yes, you must have heard the words, “You can take a seat. The nurse will call you shortly.”

What happens afterwards is anyone’s guess. You sit in a chair for hours, worrying about what germs it may be carrying, listening to crying babies and flipping through old magazines, worrying about how late you would be for your work!

Fortunately, urgent care facilities, such as Pacific Medical Care in downtown San Diego, offer urgent care services (without endless waiting, of course!) for urgent, yet non-life threatening medical issues, after hours and on weekends.

Here are the top reasons you should skip the ER or the waiting room and seek urgent care.

  • Endless waiting when you are feeling unwell
  • Worrying about infection (even more so if you are carrying your kids along)
  • Explaining the same thing to many people before you get to see the doctor
  • Hidden fees for after hours, holiday, and weekends

You may not always be able to prevent sickness but you can ensure that you don’t have to sit in a waiting room again.

If you are looking for an urgent care center in San Diego downtown, call Pacific Medical Care at 619-333-8114. Pacific Medical Care is a San Diego healthcare center that offers a broad suite of healthcare services, with the goal in mind of providing first rate care to treat the whole patient. Services like urgent care, internal medicine, mobile diagnostics, house call doctors and mobile foot doctor in San Diego help you live a happy, healthy life.

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