4 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Primary Care Physician Before Traveling

4 Reasons Why You Should Visit A Primary Care Physician Before Traveling

International travel can be exciting and fun but only if you stay healthy through your vacation. Falling sick on an international trip can completely ruin your experience. This is why it is advisable to visit your primary care doctor or internal medicine doctor first.

Regular Physical

Most adults do not visit their primary care physician unless they are sick. But doing so before leaving for another country is a good idea. Your doctor can conduct a thorough examination, run blood work and determine if there are any unaddressed health issues that may trouble you on your travels. Your doctor can also prescribe any necessary medications you may need on your trip.

Flu Shot

If you are traveling during flu season, you must get a flu shot before you board that plane. The flu shot will reduce the likelihood of you catching it on the plane and otherwise so that you can enjoy the vacation rather than spending it in the hotel room sick.

Get Immunized

Depending on where you are headed, you may first need some immunizations, such as for malaria. By knowing where you are traveling, your doctor can make recommendations for any specific immunizations that you may need.

Improve your Health

When you visit your primary care physician well in advance before the trip, s/he can identify any overall health challenges and make recommendations for how to solve them. The key is visiting your doctor early enough.

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