5 Urgent Signs you should see a Doctor for your Lower Back Pain

5 Urgent Signs you should see a Doctor for your Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is a common complaint that can generally be treated at home with stretching, heat and over-the-counter medications. But sometimes it may become severe. If you are suffering from lower back pain and are not sure when to see a doctor, here are key signs to watch out for.

Constant Pain

If you are suffering from constant lower back pain and the pain relieving methods you are using are not working, you may need urgent medical attention. The pain could be the result of an underlying condition and leaving it untreated may worsen the condition.

Pain is the Result of Trauma

Accidents and physical trauma can damage the spinal cord. If your back pain began after you were in a traumatic event, make sure you see a doctor or visit an urgent care center for an examination of the affected area.

Pain is accompanied by Numbness

Back pain accompanied by numbness in the legs and pelvic area may be a sign of pinched or damaged nerves. See a pain management doctor in San Diego and make sure you list all your symptoms – pain, irritation, numbness, tingling, and any other unusual sensation.

Pain is becoming worse

Pain that is growing worse with time can be a sign that your condition is becoming worse. A pain management doctor is the right person for an accurate diagnosis and treatment for back pain.

Pain is accompanied by Fever

Lower back pain accompanied by a fever may be indicative of an infection of the kidneys or another organ. Visit the nearest urgent care center to find out why.

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