Benefits of Seeing an Internal Medicine Doctor

Benefits of Seeing an Internal Medicine Doctor

Internal medicine is a field of medicine that focuses on treating adults. Internal medicine doctors or internists diagnose, treat and even prevent diseases that affect all adults, from short term care to chronic illnesses. Most internal medicine doctors sub specialize in one organ system or illness. For example, a cardiologist specializes in heart-related issues, while an endocrinologist focuses on issues related to glands and hormones. This specific training enables them to provide precise treatment and guidance for patients.

Benefits of Seeing an Internist

A general internist can treat a number of diseases, but internists with a subspecialty focus on specific illnesses. They are highly trained to focus on issues around one organ system or one set of diseases. Internists can also provide preventative care, from cancer screenings to mammograms, and are qualified to help patients establish regular routines.

Internists are excellent at communicating with each other, giving patients the full support, they need. They help referrals and hospital transfers become seamless.

Depending on the internist’s subspecialty, a patient could very well begin seeing one internist when they turn 18, and stay with the same internist for decades. This allows the patient to develop a relationship of trust and reliability with their doctor.

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