Best Urgent Care San Diego has to Offer

Best Urgent Care San Diego has to Offer

Whether you have a sinus infection, a sore throat, or a broken bone, the emergency room is not your only option for healthcare. Today, people are using urgent care centers to treat many life-threatening illnesses. A recent study found that half of all emergency department visits could be safely handled at urgent care facilities, like Pacific Medical Care. We have the best urgent care San Diego has to offer, and this includes pediatric services. Many people call 911 and are taken right to a hospital. Instead of waiting in the emergency department, you can come to our facility, and get treated quickly and appropriately.

Best Urgent Care San DiegoWhat is Urgent Care?

Urgent care centers offer walk-in services to their people. They focus on acute injuries and illnesses. Common causes of urgent care clinics are minor sprains, colds, flu, and broken bones. At Pacific Medical Care in San Diego, we go beyond the scope of retail clinics to offer primary care services in a fast, efficient manner. The main advantage of this type of clinic is that you can receive immediate attention without the long waits associated with hospitals and traditional doctors’ offices.

In addition to doctors, Pacific Medical Care has x-ray and laboratory testing available. This means you do not have to wait to find your diagnosis out until the next day. The doctor can treat you immediately. You can receive prescriptions at our facility too, without the long pharmacy wait afterward.


Benefits of Urgent Care

  • Lower cost – A trip to the emergency department is quite expensive, even when you have good health insurance. If you use Pacific Medical Care, you do not have to worry about high deductibles and copays, which is associated with emergency departments. Most insurance plans cover trips to the urgent care center. The prices for services are much lower at the Pacific Medical Care, and if you don’t have the money to pay out of pocket, then your bills are less.
  • Shorter wait – With the urgent care, you can expect a shorter wait time than at a hospital emergency room. Most of us really dread the hassle of going to a doctor’s appointment to schedule a sitting in the waiting area. An estimated 70% of people who visit an urgent care facility reported a wait time of fewer than 25 minutes. Urgent care centers take less than an hour, and the benefits of visiting one of these centers mean you spend less time.
  • Close to home – Many suburban residents drive into a crowded city hospital when they are sick or in pain. This can be unbearable. However, many urgent care centers are located near cities in surrounding suburbs. You do not have to worry about driving to a crowded hospital or deal with parking issues. Instead, when you come to Pacific Medical Care, you stay close to home to receive faster treatment.
  • Extended hours – Another benefit of attending an Urgent Care Center is the extended service hours. You do not have to make it to the doctor by 3 p.m. to be seen. If you are sick with a cold, have fallen and hurt yourself, or have a child who is injured, you can bring come to the urgent care center for care. These centers are open on weekends also, so it is the ideal place to go when you have a non-life-threatening illness or injury that requires medical attention.
  • Out-of-town healthcare – People who are traveling for pleasure or business do get sick or injured. An urgent care center is the best place to go for healthcare. At Pacific Medical Care, we offer excellent medical care without the problems associated with hospitals and doctors’ offices. There are no extensive wait times, no large copays, and you get the care you need.
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