Busting 4 Common Chronic Pain Myths

Busting 4 Common Chronic Pain Myths

If or a loved one is suffering from persistent, chronic pain, you must have come across the myths and misconceptions that surround pain and its treatment. Fortunately, modern pain medicine and pain management doctors can help you obtain relief from chronic pain. But it is important to know the truth about chronic pain, so that you can make an informed decision about seeking treatment.

Myth – Pain is a normal part of aging.


Truth – Regardless of your age, pain can never be normal and saying so can actually stop pain sufferers from seeking necessary help. It is true that physical wear and tear in the body can lead to certain conditions that cause chronic pain, such as a herniated disc or joint pain. But these conditions can be treated with interventional pain management methods.

Myth – All you need is willpower to push through pain.

Truth Just as ignoring something will not make it go away, the same is true for pain. It is a common belief that seeking help for your problem will somehow make you look weak. But if you ignore your pain, it can have serious consequences. It can prevent you from going about your daily activities and a normal personal and professional life. Leaving pain untreated can even make later treatment more difficult.

Myth – When it comes to pain, rest is the best.

Truth While it is true that if you are sick, you need to rest to allow your body to heal, and this is true with acute pain. But chronic pain is different. While taking a day or two off to rest is alright, total rest for a long time is associated with more pain and disability.

Physical therapy and exercise under supervision is often helpful in strengthening muscles and relieving pain.

Myth – It is all in your head.

Truth Often, people around chronic pain sufferers seem to think that chronic pain is in the sufferer’s head. And sometimes you might even agree. Fortunately, pain management doctors can accurately diagnose the root cause of pain and use a comprehensive treatment plan to help to obtain long term relief.

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