Difference Between Headaches and Migraine

Difference Between Headaches and Migraine

Do you often suffer from headaches? Do you wonder whether it is migraine? Is the pain in your head a headache or a migraine?

Knowing the difference between headaches and migraines can help offer faster relief through treatment.


Headaches can cause pain or pressure or an ache. The symptoms can range from mild to severe. Common headache types include –

Tension Headache – A tension headache feels like a persistent ache or pressure on both sides of the head or at the back of the head and neck. These headaches are commonly triggered by anxiety, stress and muscle strain.

Cluster Headache – Cluster headaches are cause severe pain on one side of the head and occur in cycles.

Sinus Headache – Sinus headaches occur due to sinus infection and may be accompanied by fever, cough, stuffy nose, congestion and a feeling of pressure on the face.

Headaches can affect your forehead, temples, face and back of the neck. Depending upon the type of headache, they can last from a few minutes to even a week!


Migraines are severe headaches, often accompanied by other symptoms, such as –

  • Nausea and vomiting
  • Light Sensitivity
  • Pain behind one eye or ear
  • Temporary vision loss
  • Seeing flashing lights

Differences between Other Headaches and Migraine –

  • A migraine typically appears as intense throbbing pain that prevents you from going on about your daily chores
  • Migraines only affect one side of the head.
  • Migraines often comes with seeing flashing lights, unusual smell, taste or touch, numbness or tingling in face or hands, and difficulty concentrating.

Headache and Migraine Treatment

Internal medicine doctors can treat your headaches or migraine by

  • prescribing drugs, such as aspirin and paracetamol,
  • prescribing NSAIDs or non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs
  • Stronger narcotic-type analgesics

You can prevent chronic migraines by identifying and avoiding common triggers, like skipping meals, alcohol, oral contraceptives and lack of sleep.

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