Heel Pain Treatment in San Diego

Heel Pain Treatment in San Diego

Treatments for heel pain are as numerous as its many causes which range from bursitis to heel spurs, and Achilles tendinitis to bone infection. To be able to treat heel pain the most important thing is to know the cause, which is why expert advice is needed. Nonetheless, some main treatment options are discussed below.

Stretching is a simple and common method for preventing and treating heel pain. Stretching relieves stress on the lower leg, canstockphoto0962771(1)Achilles tendon, plantar fascia tendon. All of these are involved in heel pain in one way or another and at different times. Cross training is a method for relieving heel pain that is closely related to stretching and manual manipulation of the foot. Cross training relieves the feet of the constant repetitive strain of the same motion and allows the affected tissue to rest and heal. Speaking of rest, this is often the best prescription because many times the cause of heel pain is overwork and overuse.

Ice is a common method of treating many problems, especially inflammation. Inflammation results from the body sending blood and immune cells to the site of an injury, but the inflammation itself can cause other serious problems. Icing tends to remove the inflammation and resulting pressure, therefore removing a secondary source of pain in addition to the pain caused by the ailment itself.

Orthotic shoes and inserts, and other supportive footwear help to relieve heel pain in several ways. Supportive footwear supports the whole foot, and especially the arch, which often flattens out in normal shoes. Inserts will lift the arch up and relieve some of the pressure on the heel. Other types of footwear or inserts help to cushion the blow from the heel striking as the patient walks, runs or exercises.

Anti-inflammatory medication such as NSAIDSs and aspirin relieve inflammation, especially in conjunction with icing. These Diabetic and Peripheral Neuropathymedications relieve pain in addition to removing the inflammatory response, but there are more powerful medications such as oxycodone, a narcotic, and some newly developed and powerful non-narcotic pain relievers such as tramadol which are very good at completely removing the pain for up to several hours. These medications will generally not treat the conditions, but are very good at treating the symptoms.

There are recently developed treatments for plantar fasciitis and other ailments of the bottom of the food that cause heel pain. Platelet Rich Plasma Injection Therapy (PRP) is an innovative treatment for chronic plantar fasciitis. If a patient does not respond to more common options, this injectable treatment may provide relief. This injection of platelet-rich plasma is designed to increase blood supply, oxygen, and growth factors to the tendon and foot, providing relief from the pain and helping to heal the cause of the pain.

Surgery is an option in many cases of heel pain, especially heel spurs, “pump bump” or abnormal bone growth on the back of the heel, and trapped nerve. All of these conditions can sometimes become so painful that surgery is required after all other options have been exhausted. Pump bump and heel spur are abnormal growths and the surgery to remove them is fairly simple, often becoming one of the better options because the ailment will be cured completely if the surgery is successful.

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