How is Restorative Pain Management Better than Other Approaches?

How is Restorative Pain Management Better than Other Approaches?

Restorative Pain Management works by not only treating the pain itself but by directing therapy at the cause of your pain. By challenging the traditional wisdom of other pain management therapies, restorative pain management doctors, such as those at Pacific Medical Care center in San Diego, have shown significant reductions in pain and a greater quality of life for pain patients.

Too many pain clinics prescribe pain medications for every pain condition. This can lead to addiction, tolerance and hormonal abnormalities. Restorative pain management is an innovative approach that involves restoring relief and increased function with approaches that only use narcotics as a last resort. Since pain is treated by targeting the root cause, the patients’ risks of unnecessary and potentially dangerous treatments and prescription drug dependency is highly reduced.

Board Certified pain management physicians target the source of your pain and treat it using interventional pain procedures such as trigger point therapy, epidural injections, radiofrequency ablation, occipital blocks or joint injections to name a few. This results in lasting pain relief and an improved quality of life.

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