How to Choose a Foot Doctor

How to Choose a Foot Doctor

The foot is a complex structure and foot injuries can be difficult to diagnose. If your injury is any more serious than a mild sprain, you should seek the assistance of a foot doctor or podiatrist.

Foot doctors or podiatrists specialize in the treatment of the foot and the ankle. They are trained and skilled in accurately diagnosing and treating injuries and conditions of the foot and the ankle.

To see a podiatrist, you may have to get a referral through your general practitioner or family doctor. However, before choosing a podiatrist, you need to look into the type of podiatrist you want to see. Podiatry has different fields of specialization.

  • Sports podiatrists focus on sports injuries of the foot and the ankle. They help the injured athletes and people with an active lifestyle get back to the activities they love.
  • Bio-mechanical podiatrists specialize in helping your foot and ankle function the way they are naturally designed to do. They can discover and treat the causes of foot and ankle pain brought about by overuse, aging and wrong gait etc.
  • Surgical podiatrists fix foot and ankle conditions using surgery.

When deciding which podiatrist to see, it is important to ensure that you choose the one that best fits the signs you have or the condition.

If you are looking for experienced foot doctors in San Diego, call Pacific Medical Care at 619-333-8114 Today. Foot doctors treat all injuries and conditions of the foot, ankle and even lower leg. If you are experiencing acute or chronic foot pain, see a foot doctor immediately.

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