I am Dealing with Emotional Issues – Should I seek a Therapist?

I am Dealing with Emotional Issues – Should I seek a Therapist?


Life has many ups and downs, stressors, relationship problems, marriage issues, family drama, workplace hindrances, and hectic lifestyles. How you respond to these and gracefully handle them, will determine your emotional balance.

You feel emotional, you have anxiety and that makes you want to avoid social situations.  Because you avoid social situations, you are horrible at socializing with others.  You can’t and won’t strike up conversations and you feel stressed when meeting new people, so you stay home.

Becoming a hermit will only make your emotions that much more pronounced.  Meaning, hibernating will make you bury your emotions when you should be dealing with them.

You end up consuming your thoughts with negativity and erratic emotions submerge.  Emotions are characterized as — you are displaying how you feel with what is going on around you, at the current moment in time.  For instance, if you just got fired from your job, you are likely to cry or become angry!  Each person displays their emotions differently, but if you do not get your emotions “in check”, they could hinder your life.

Emotions control us by the actions we show, behavior and thinking.  If you disregard your feelings or stuff them – you are setting yourself up for an absolute disaster.  You will physically become ill if you choose to ignore your emotions because when you dismiss them, your body internalizes them.  You can physically become impaired with side effects such as stomach ailments, body aches, headaches/migraines, or be paralyzed with fear in bed.

What can I do to deal with my emotions?

We recommend, exercising to boost self-esteem, increase endorphins (feel-good neurotransmitters), eliminate stress – all the while, keeping your emotions stabilized.

Join a support group on social media to receive feedback and positive advice from other people going through the same situations you are.  Rely on a trusted family member or friend, to keenly listen to you vent.  Learn to trust others, so they can help you talk about your feelings openly.

Try purchasing a journal and writing down how you feel every day, this will be very healing, putting pen to paper.  Some people have a tough time talking about their feelings but have a much easier time writing what they feel.

And, if all else fails and you still feel inundated with emotions that are unpredictable and too inconsistent – please seek therapy.

Do I need a therapist to cope with my emotions?

When you lose control of your emotions and believe you cannot subconsciously and safely deal with how you feel – it is time to seek expert help.  Sometimes, our minds play tricks on us, making us believe we are unable to filter and manage our emotions.  If you feel overwhelmed beyond repair, we encourage you to make an appointment with one of our trained therapists to assist in the healing process.

At Pacific Medical Care, we do not want you to feel as though you are just a number.  We strive to build lasting relationships with our patients and provide individualized exceptional care to each person we treat.

Please ask us any questions you may have or schedule an appointment with us here https://pacificmedicalcare.net/contact/https://primemedllc.com/contact-us/,

Our staff is very friendly and happy to help you!

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