Is Interventional Pain Management the Right Solution for you?

Is Interventional Pain Management the Right Solution for you?


What is interventional pain management and why do we use it instead of narcotics?

Interventional pain management does not involve a quick fix or taking a jagged pill prescribed by your health care provider.  This type of pain management involves invasive medical interventions such as facet joint injections, nerve blocks (disrupt pain flow to the nervous system), neuroaugmentation (spinal cord and peripheral nerve stimulation), vertebroplasty, and endoscopic discectomy.

At Pacific Medical Care we take a different approach to pain management and believe that “too many pain centers work by prescribing pain meds across the board for every condition.  This is a disservice to patients, and all too often leads to addiction, tolerance and hormonal abnormalities.  Pacific Medical Care offers an innovative approach that involves restoring relief and increased function with approaches that only use narcotics as a last resort.”

Alternate treatment approach is best for pain management and utilizing narcotics will only be used if necessary.  Clinical evaluations will be given to each patient to assess what medical protocol is right for you.

Facet Joint Injection: injecting local anesthesia into the facet joint, to numb the specified area, where the pain is occurring.

Nerve Blocks: are used to decrease inflammation and stop pain signals to specific nerves that have been affected.  When nerve blocks are administered – the hope is to heal the painful area or temporarily alleviate suffering.

Neuroaugmentation: uses electrical stimulation to increase the function of nerves, in pain receptor areas.

Vertebroplasty: a medical-surgical spinal procedure, where bone cement is injected into a small hole in the fractured vertebrae (where compression is specifically located).  Doctor’s consider this to be minimally invasive.  Time of completion = one hour.

Endoscopic Discectomy: According to the Back Institute, “a discectomy is a non-traumatic outpatient surgical procedure that removes herniated disc material.  Local anesthesia is used, with the help of x-ray fluoroscopy and magnified video for guidance, a small specifically designed endoscopic probe is inserted through the skin of the back, between the vertebrae and into the herniated disc space.  Tiny surgical attachments are then sent down the hollow center of the probe to remove a portion of the offending disc.  The microsurgical attachments can also be used to push bulging disc back into place and be used for the removal of disc fragments and small bone spurs.” On average, the procedure takes about an hour.

We steer clear of narcotics usage due to the increased risk of overdose, having to increase the dosage, usage becomes a regular habit-forming addiction for many and hormonal levels can become erratic.  We strongly recommend utilizing one or more of the above interventional pain management options, they are safer for you.

Your health is most important to us at Pacific Medical Care  and we want you to live pain-free.  Our highly trained experts will provide you with the greatest medical advice that fulfills your every need.

“We cannot be more sensitive to pleasure without being more sensitive to pain.”  Alan Watts

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