Living Life Naturally – Non-Narcotic Pain Remedies are Available for Relief?

Living Life Naturally – Non-Narcotic Pain Remedies are Available for Relief?


Thoughts of pain are typically associated with physical suffering, but it also includes mental anguish.  Life is tough, schedules get filled quickly, people don’t simplify, they forget NO is a complete sentence and illness sets in to wreak havoc.

We don’t get proper sleep, our sex drive is lower than normal, cognitive capabilities are diminished, acne is apparent, inflammation increases, and mentally we begin to crash.  Life seems to spiral downward, pain is imminent and heartbreaking at times.

What can we do to alleviate our pain, naturally?

Turmeric is one of the most potent pain relievers on the market today, it significantly aids in fighting illnesses and chronic disease.  It is reasonably priced, you can easily add it to your hot tea, with some cinnamon and the benefits are magnificent.  Turmeric lowers inflammation in our body, aids in keeping cancer at bay and treats bowl disease – lowers bloating, gas and painful digestive problems. Turmeric helps reverse some effects of cystic fibrosis and sends signals to your cells to create good cholesterol, instead of bad. Lowers blood pressure and rich in B6, which nurtures cardiovascular health.

Eliminate Toxic Household Products – this will maintain endocrine functioning and balance hormone levels.  If you do not get these regulated, pain will exist.  Anything in your home that has a warning label – isn’t healthy, if it was, there wouldn’t be a need for the warning.

Optimal Wellness Mentality/Positive Mindful Manifestations — Decreased neurologic functioning and mental misery can be the most excruciating life experiences you will every trudge through.  These types of mental diseases may cause more pain than any physical ones could fathom.  Solution:  make necessary changes to your lifestyle, keep stress at bay (90% of doctor visits are due to stress-related illnesses) and what you think about you bring about – which means, we can mentally create our own misery by negatively manifesting it.  It becomes cyclical, insanity sets in and self-fulfilling prophecies are bound to occur.

Probiotics – add “good bugs” for gut health.  They contain strains that help protect and maintain a balanced intestinal microflora and support immune function and intestinal health.  Probiotics enhance the growth of beneficial bacteria in the intestinal tract.  This should clear up any digestive issues you are experiencing.  Dietary supplements may also be necessary for breaking down food particles in your stomach and intestines.

Essential Oils – work amazingly well in healing symptoms of heart disease. Natural remedies improve symptomatics significantly.

Herbal Remedies — such as Uva Ursi is a natural herb that reverses urinary tract infections, which can be very painful.

Apple Cider Vinegar – excretes waste from our body and sweep away toxins swiftly.  When you mix baking soda and apple cider vinegar it will alkalize and detoxify your entire system. This solution is sure to prevent kidney disease.

We would be happy to assist you on your wellness journey and road to healing your mind and body.  Visit our website for additional information and to make an appointment

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Let us get you on the road to a speedy recovery, with all-natural recommendations!

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