Medical Care – Your Weight Is Important for Many Reasons

Medical Care – Your Weight Is Important for Many Reasons

A majority of Americans are overweight (34%) or obese (34%) and over 80% of those in the U.S. do not get the minimum amount of exercise recommended by the government. Various conditions associated with being overweight are widespread, including high blood pressure, diabetes and joint problems. Working with a Weight Loss Caricaturemedical practice that includes weight loss specialists and San Diego primary care doctors, and programs can greatly help those who are dealing with such issues.

Losing weight can help individuals feel better, be more physically fit and increase their physical and mental stamina. Plus working with a professional weight loss specialist allows patients to reap the benefits that are associated with a trained and experienced person who understands every aspect of the process connected to losing weight.

Conditions Associated with Weight Gain

If you are carrying extra weight, you put yourself at risk for various types diseases and conditions. Plus, those who are overweight or obese have less energy and endurance. There’s also a lot more stress put on your internal organs, muscles, and joints.

Some conditions that are affected by being overweight or obese include:

• Coronary Heart Disease – Those who are overweight put a lot more stress on their heart and can have a buildup of plaque in their arteries. Arteries can then become blocked and impede blood flow to the heart, resulting in a heart attack. Heart failure can also be caused by obesity.
• High Blood Pressure – The more weight you carry the greater the force of blood pushing against the walls of the arteries. That forceful pumping is what high blood pressure is all about. If it occurs over a period of time it can damage the internal workings of your body, resulting in a stroke.
• Type 2 Diabetes – When you have Type 2 Diabetes your body is unable to use insulin properly. At first it makes too much and then it can’t make enough and your blood sugar rises to levels that are unhealthy. This can lead to stroke, kidney disease, blindness, and coronary heart disease.
• Joint and Mobility Problems – Many people who have been overweight or obese over a long period of time will suffer from joint degeneration and be plagued by mobility issues. Such situations can make even the simplest physical tasks, such as walking, difficult.

The good news is that a properly designed and administered weight-loss program with a primary care doctor in San Diego can help to reduce your risk of developing the various diseases and conditions described above. In addition, even if you are experiencing symptoms associated with these unhealthy situations, losing weight can help to reverse or reduce their effect.

Healthy Living

The idea behind effective and long-lasting weight loss is to adhere to a balanced nutritional program that will enable you to lose weight in a healthy manner. Also weight loss picture big pantsimportant is a solid exercise program. Eating healthy food, making sure you’re getting the right nutrients, and engaging in daily exercise offers many benefits. These practices will help improve your physical and emotional health, give you more energy, and allow you to become more productive. For those who are dealing with being overweight, obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure or joint pain or who have tried fad diets, a logical, measured approach to weight loss can make all the difference.

The Place to Start

It’s never too late to lose weight and to start improving your health. Working toward total fitness is key, and it’s important to remember that it’s a process that will yield positive results that can last a lifetime. Working with a medical professional who is experienced and knowledge regarding weight loss can make a huge difference, giving you a solid chance at success. Healthy food choices, access to solid nutrition, and smart lifestyle choices are key. Losing weight can be your gateway to a whole new life.

Pacific Medical Care offers expert primary care physicians in San Diego who provide comprehensive care to individuals. This includes all types of medical conditions including obesity, hypertension, diabetes and many more. Call us today!

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