Mental Health Issues – Reveal to us: That we need Healing

Mental Health Issues – Reveal to us: That we need Healing


Stuck in a rut, feeling overwhelmed, your emotions are getting the best of you, sleepless nights, lacking the energy to get out of bed every morning, low sex drive, anxiousness follows you everywhere you go, and nothing seems to make you happy anymore – do you need healing?

Life is tough and tumultuous situations interfere with healthy mental functioning.  Sometimes, we try to mask what we are really experiencing – which only makes matters worse!

According to Mental Health America, in 2018, 1 in 5 adults have a mental health condition.  “That’s over 40 million Americans; more than the populations of New York and Florida combined.”  And statistical research shows that alarmingly, “Youth mental health is worsening.  Rates of youth with severe depression increased from 5.9% in 2012 to 8.2% in 2015.  Even with severe depression, 76% of youth are left with no or insufficient treatment.

What do we look for in mental health patients?  How can we tell if someone needs healing solutions?  What are the symptoms of mental health?  What if I need a therapist and I cannot handle these issues alone?

These are all good questions that our trained experts can help with.

Know that it is ok to ask for help, do not be embarrassed.

Signs can vary from patient to patient, depending upon which mental health issues/disorder you have.  Typically, patients present with significant behavioral problems thought patterns and uncontrollable emotions that affect decision making.  If you are experiencing bouts of anxiety or long-term anxious thoughts, sadness, lack of mental clarity and unable to focus wavering highs and lows, you lost interest in activities that once excited you or nonverbal communication shows unhappiness.

Therapists are looking for long-term behavioral issues that you are unable to fix on your own.  These can include antisocial behaviors, outward bursts of rage and erratic decision making, that bring about severe consequences.

If you unsuccessfully cannot stabilize your behaviors, moods, feelings, thoughts, and emotions – it is probably time to call one of our healthcare professionals at Pacific Medical Care

They can properly diagnose and develop a medical protocol, specific to your needs.  Most patients will be advised to begin an exercise regime – where self-esteem will be boosted, endorphins (mood enhancer) will be elevated and weight will be kept to a minimum.  Exercise can also naturally uplift your energy levels and restore your mental functioning.

We will recommend getting enough sleep each night, taking hot baths, listening to soothing music, reading a delightful book, consuming alcohol in moderation, quit smoking, eat healthy meals, talk with people you trust, join groups that can provide feedback with similar situations you are experiencing and strengthen relationships with friends and family.  Sometimes, all it takes is a big push of encouragement and changing your mindset, to lift your negative mood swings and create new patterns of life.  Cognition does not have to be impaired long term if you follow through on careful steps designed specifically for you.

Visit our website and make an appointment with our compassionate staff members

To us, you are not just a number, “you will be our partners in your individualized treatment needs.” – Pacific Medical Care

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