Mobile Diagnostic Options in San Diego with Pacific Medical Care

Mobile Diagnostic Options in San Diego with Pacific Medical Care

Mobile Diagnostics in San Diego


Pacific Medical Care offers mobile diagnostic services in San Diego County. As a leading provider of mobile diagnostics, we offer a variety of testing using portable equipment along with doctor house calls. Our goal is to meet your expectations through excellent customer service. We are committed to flexible, hassle-free service for our clients. The beauty of what we offer is not only will our San Diego house call doctors evaluate you at your home or office, but we can also perform labwork and diagnostics on site too!

Our Promise

Our portable diagnostic services have the ability to meet and exceed your standards and expectations. We are committed to quality, medical accuracy, and fast turn-around. We provide you with:

  • Board-certified radiologist and cardiologist interpretationsDoctor-House-Calls
  • Clear, high-quality images
  • 24-hour support offered 7 days a week
  • Drastically reduced report turnaround time
  • Subject patients to around 30% less radiation than conventional machines

Our Vision

Our team is at your service anytime, with state-of-the art portable diagnostic services. Our professionals include nursing homes, physicians, assisted living facilities, correctional facilities, home health agencies, and more. We are confident that we can provide the services you need in a timely fashion. We promise to:

  • Provide cost-effective, accurate, and rapid results
  • Be the provider of choice in your community
  • Be your partner for improvement of patient quality of life
  • Offer the same care that we would want for ourselves


  • X-ray – Also called radiographs, x-rays use electromagnetic radiation that penetrates structures in the body to make images. These images appear on photographic film. Diagnostic x-rays are painless, non-invasive ways to diagnose problems such as pneumonia, broken bones, and tumors.


  • EKG – An electrocardiogram (called EKG or ECG) is used to monitor the heart rhythm. Each heartbeat is triggered by an electrical impulse generated from heart muscle cells. This test is used to detect atypical or abnormal heart rhythms. This is a painless test that gives quick results.


  • Ultrasound – Also called sonography, diagnostic ultrasound is an imaging scan that uses high-frequency sound waves to produce images of body structures. This test offers the doctor valuable information for diagnosing and treating many conditions.


  • Echocardiogram – This test uses sound waves to produce images of the heart. The doctor uses this test to see how the heart pumps blood. Often referred to as an “echo,” this test allows the doctor to identify and treat heart disease.


  • Laboratory – With mobile diagnostics, a nurse or doctor can draw your blood and run tests. With new technology, doctors now can get instant results for Coumadin monitoring (Prothrombin Time or PT test), as well as glucose, blood counts, and strep tests. In addition, the blood can be transported to a clinical laboratory for more extensive testing.


  • Ankle Brachial Index (ABI) – Performed to screen people for peripheral vascular disease, which is a simple painless test.

For the top mobile medicine and diagnostics in San Diego County, call us at Pacific Medical Care today. We offer treatment to long term care facilities along with individuals in their home, hotel of office!

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