Mobile Medicine – Pacific Medical Care & Patient Access

Mobile Medicine – Pacific Medical Care & Patient Access

Mobile Medicine: Pacific Medical Care & patient access are examined. Discover how mobile medicine and Pacific Medical Care can ensure you get medical services.

Medical Care is Changing – Mobile Medicine Enhances Accessibility

Mobile medicine in the US, one of the more innovative modes of delivering medical care in the 21st century, is based on a mode that was popular in the US in the early-to-mid- 20th century, the house call. The house call involved a doctor showing up at your residence with their medical bad and attending to a variety of ailments. It was as common as bottled milk delivered to your door. But bottled milk deliveries and house calls disappeared in the 1970s.

Over the past half-decade or so, more and more mobile medical services have been established in the US. In many other countries, such services are delivered to rural populations, but in the US these services are being offered to those in urban areas as well as rural pockets.

Why this Move Towards Mobility?

There are various reasons as to why mobile medicine has become popular amongst medical care providers and patients. One primary reason is convenience for House Calls San Diegoboth. For care providers being able to go into and serve specific neighborhoods, including the homes and businesses in the area, allow care providers to use their time and energy effectively.

For the patient the fact that medical professionals can come to them can be the difference between being seen by and not being seen by a doctor. Many people simply can’t get access to a doctor or needed medical services due to transportation issues. Not only can they now have access, but they can get an array of services through mobile medicine, including urgent care, diagnostics, and acute and chronic care.

A major reason for the mobile medicine movement has to do with the evolution of advanced electronics and computing. Consider that most of us carry in our pocket an advanced communication device that we still call a “phone.” That “phone.” Which is a mobile device such as an Android, iPhone, or Smart Phone, has more power, more programs, and more versatility than the computer that was in your home a decade ago.

The medical profession has benefitted greatly from advancements in technology, including those that have given up technologically powerful diagnostic devices in relatively small packages. Mobile medicine can bring a lot more to your doorstep that that doctor who made house calls in the 20th century.

Services Offered

Mobile medicine offers services to businesses, individuals, and those in specific geographic areas. Although they are not all encompassing, they number of services and the range is impressive. These services include urgent care, diagnostics, and basic medical services.

The mobile delivery of urgent care services has become very popular, as the patient doesn’t have to go to a waiting room and sit for a long period. Instead, they can be in their condo, home, hotel, or place of work. That often means that, at the very least, they can be more comfortable physically and feel less stress and anxiety.

Diagnostic services offered include x-ray, echocardiogram, EKG, ultrasound, and blood work. Basic medical services provided through mobile medicine include physician visits, examinations, and minor procedures.

Access Is Everything

Today, some people are simply too busy to take the time to travel to their doctor’s office, sit in the waiting room, and finally be seen. Others lack the means to get to their medical appointment. Mobile medicine in San Diego with house calls has changed all of that. Also, consider that fact that by eliminating the waiting room, mobile medicine reduces the number of contagions patients encounter. All-in-all, mobile medicine provides patients with much needed services in a manner that is highly accessible!

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