Non-Invasive Treatments for Physical Injuries

Non-Invasive Treatments for Physical Injuries

Physical injuries can range in intensity from mild to very serious. For many, the type of treatment chosen for the injury is incredibly important. Conventional, invasive treatments such as surgery can be difficult for some people to commit to. Fortunately, there are a number of non-invasive therapies that are becoming increasingly popular.

Why use non-invasive treatments?

Invasive treatments, such as surgery, are often time-consuming, expensive, and nerve-wracking.

Non-invasive treatments, on the other hand, provide a number of different benefits.

  • Non-invasive treatments generally do not require you to be put under general anesthesia. Many of them can be done while fully conscious during a short visit to San Diego pain management doctors.
  • Many non-invasive treatments facilitate quicker healing
  • Non-invasive treatments are generally much less intensive
  • Many non-invasive treatments work by encouraging your body’s innate healing capabilities

Examples of non-invasive treatments

Here are a few examples of non-invasive treatments that can be useful for treating injuries of different types.

Chiropractic care

Chiropractic care involves the manipulation and adjustment of bones and muscles. Chiropractors generally work with the spine to help reduce pain and improve mobility by restoring function to the musculoskeletal system.

Massage therapy

Massage therapy may not be the best form of treatment for serious injuries, however, it can be a very useful supplementary treatment for those who are interested in regaining muscle function or relieving pain.

Stem cell injections

Stem cell therapy is an extremely promising minimally-invasive therapy offered by many San Diego pain management doctors. It is part of a branch of medicine called regenerative medicine, which encourages the body to regenerate and repair damaged tissues and organs.

Stem cells can play the part of different cells. This allows them to be useful in treating virtually any type of injury. Once a patient receives a stem cell injection then the cells will begin to play a certain role.

Nerve and joint injections

Injections are minimally invasive procedures that can produce profound improvements.

Joint injections involve the injection of one or more medicinal compounds, usually steroids, anesthetics, or both. The anesthetic numbs the area immediately, bringing relief to the patient. Then the steroid works to produce long-term improvements in damaged joints. Joint injections often produce relief for several months.

Nerve injections, on the other hand, generally work by deactivating certain nerve signals. Nerve injections are useful for people who struggle with chronic pain that cannot be managed by other treatments. They simply block the transmission of pain signals.

Exosome Therapy

Exosomes are certain biological compounds that the body produces in order to properly direct its reparative mechanisms. Exosome therapy involves San Diego pain management doctors directing the body to utilize exosomes in a certain area. This encourages healing in specific injury sites.


As you can see, there are a lot of different non-invasive procedures that can be used instead of surgery. These treatments have shown a lot of promise and can be used for treating injuries of many different types.


If you want to learn more about these treatments, don’t hesitate to get in touch with San Diego pain management doctors.

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