Overview of Doctor House Calls in San Diego

Overview of Doctor House Calls in San Diego

Ever hear stories of Doctors making “House Calls”? Do they still happen in today’s world? What is a House Call, and why might one occur?

When someone thinks of a house call, you might think of a good old country doctor carrying his black medical bag, knocking on the doors of family and friends. In the modern technology age, could such care be more than a charming memory?

Yes, in fact, House Calls continue to improve people’s health and wellness even today. Physicians, Nurses and nurse practitioners, Midwives, and many other health staff continue this more personal and unique medical tradition.

Some healthcare providers may even prefer this unique mode of healthcare visit to the more traditional environments of a hospital or doctor’s office. Being welcomed into patient’s and families’ homes for House Calls often involve local travel, being out in the community, and a nice change of pace for everyone.

House visits may commonly be made with geriatric patients, healing surgical patients who may have their mobility temporarily restricted, for significantly obese patients whom are bed-bound, or for those with such weakness or disability it would be a challenge for them to leave the home safely. House Call visit eligibility may also depend on specific health insurance plans and qualifying conditions. Check with your health insurance to see if a House Call may be able to effectively suit your health needs!

In such a visit, a healthcare provider will visit directly to your home. This allows the date and time that is convenient for you, in a familiar and comfortable environment.

During such an encounter, the healthcare provider will review your medical history, any recent changes, and be available to discuss health and wellness. Vital signs are often measured, and a physical exam performed. Medications will be checked, and any refills ordered if you need them. Depending on the visiting staff capabilities and your health needs, blood may be drawn in order to check up on certain laboratory studies. Health information gained from a visit will be a part of your medical record, and assist your Primary Care Physician in taking the best care of you while you are still in your home.

A House call can be very effective in preventing a condition from worsening, and possibly avoiding a trip to a doctor’s office, or a hospital admission. When a condition is addressed earlier, it can allow you to remain healthy in the comfort of your own home, and maintain quality of life.

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