Pain Management – A Systematic Approach

Pain Management – A Systematic Approach

There is no magic injection or treatment to cure chronic pain. However, and thanks to modern pain medicine, combining various pain reducing techniques systematically with effective pain education can provide lasting relief and an improved quality of life to chronic pain sufferers.

Modern pain reduction techniques

Modern pain management techniques include medications, like non-opioid analgesic medications and interventional pain techniques. These treatment approaches can provide a great deal of pain relief. The interventional pain techniques might include joint blocks, nerve blocks, radiofrequency and even spinal cord stimulation).

Effective pain management

Effective pain reduction management is based on the utilization of modern pain reduction techniques in a step-wise manner. If a treatment fails to provide relief, you can step up to the next treatment which is more likely to relieve chronic pain. For example, spinal cord stimulation or neuromodulation carries the greatest success rate, with up to 80% of patients achieving more than 50% pain reduction. However, this treatment is only offered to patients who have been experiencing pain for a significant length of time and are quite debilitated.

Step 1: Less invasive management for persistent pain may include lifestyle modification and non-opioid analgesics

Step 2: More invasive management for chronic pain (if step 1 doesn’t yield relief) may include joint blocks, nerve blocks and radiofrequency ablation etc.

Step 3: Nerve stimulation for chronic pain may include spinal cord stimulation and peripheral nerve stimulation

Step 4: Further therapies, such as Intrathecal pain pumps and surgery, may be considered if the first three fail to provide significant relief.

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