Primary Care Physician – Your First Medical Care Provider

Primary Care Physician – Your First Medical Care Provider

You can’t run to an ER in a hospital every time you catch a little cold. A primary care physician is the first healthcare professional you call or visit when a medical need arises. S/he can help you with a variety of medical problems, maintain your medical history, refer you to specialists and offer preventive advice.

Primary Care Physicians play a vital role in managing the overall health of individuals and families over an extended period of time. They take care of your physical, psychological and overall wellness. Mainly, three kinds of primary care physicians exist –

  • family practice
  • internal medicine
  • pediatrics

Family Practice Physicians

Primary care or family practice doctors provide comprehensive treatment to individuals from childhood to senior years. They are trained in internal medicine, pediatrics, obstetrics, gynecology, and more. Their focus is promoting general health, preventing disease and treating acute and chronic diseases.

Internal Medicine Physicians

Internal medicine doctors may offer primary care services but they primarily offer medical care to adults. They look at an individual as a whole and not just one organ or disease. They can treat multiple chronic illnesses simultaneously. They may be specialized in areas like cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology and more, too.


The kids’ doctors or pediatricians specialize in children and young people care, birth to adolescence years. Apart from treating childhood conditions, they are also responsible for preventive care like immunizations and regular wellness exams for their young patients.

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