Struggling Individuals can Benefit from Family Therapy

Struggling Individuals can Benefit from Family Therapy


Life can feel very rushed throughout the day and family time seems as though it is non-existent some days.  Often, both parent work, nowadays, to support growing family needs.  We seem to strive to one-up our neighbors for the latest and greatest technology releases or planning extravagant family vacations.  However, all of this can cause overwhelming amounts of stress, on all family members.

When life is fast forwarded, and people feel emotionally drained, physically exhausted, spiritually deadened and psychologically devastated – life diminishes, immensely.  We tend to lash out at one another, gain weight from binge eating from going without food for extended periods of time and parents sex lives are out the window.  We don’t make time for what matters most – our immediate family members.

How can a family benefit from therapy?

At Pacific Medical Care – Comprehensive Individualized Care – we use family therapy as a tool to bring families together in a safe, loving way. Family therapy is a type of psychotherapy designed to help people and their family members overcome obstacles in their relationships.  A wide variety of families use family therapy, and it’s nothing to be ashamed of.  In fact, it can help bring you closer to your loved one and resolve any issues, hurt feelings, and other problems.  It’s often used as a short-term solution that can help you work through tough times in life.”

Being able to openly express your feelings, wants, needs, desires and concerns with a highly trained therapist – allows you to fix issues that need mending.  They will help you get to the “root” of your problems and provide you with sensible solutions.

Therapists help families see that other members are not their enemy but a caring part of a life complexity, that sometimes goes haywire.  A therapist will help you to understand that it is normal to feel frustrated and work on being a better person to operate smoothly with other family members.

Communication is the key to therapy and everyday life, but it is also just as important in how we effectively communicate.  If you do not feel comfortable saying something, you can always write out your feelings on paper before you say what is on your mind.

Know, that family therapy will not always be fun and feel rewarding.  Working diligently to fix issues, takes challenging work and dedication.  You must want to change and make life better and easier.

Therapists will also help you confront family members and assist you in articulating your words, so you do not lash out and harm people.  There is a proper way to channel your feelings, so you do not make matters worse.

Once your therapists feel you have resolved your obstacles, she/he will not need to see you on a regular basis.  They will provide you with HOPE, as your journey unfolds in a meaningful way!

Allow us to counsel you and your family, here at Pacific Medical Care, where we will furnish you with the utmost care.  We strive to offer comprehensive and convenient solutions for those in need.  Make an appointment here

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