The Right Shoes can make a Big Difference

The Right Shoes can make a Big Difference

Do your feet hurt? It could be because your shoes are not able to support and protect your feet. Wearing poorly designed or ill-fitting footwear can cause a great deal of wear and tear of the foot tissues and bones. Such damage may be irreversible.

However, well-designed, properly fitting shoes can make your feet healthier, helping you lead a more active life.

Here are a few incredible tips for choosing the right shoes:

  • Avoid high heeled shoes whenever possible. If possible, wear a smaller heel. High-heeled shoes exert too much pressure on your toes.
  • Wear the right size of shoe. When your toes are crammed into your shoes, it can lead to various foot conditions over time. Shoes with narrow toe boxes are an example of this kind.
  • Wear the shoe that is suitable to the activity you are engaged in. Various activities require different shoes, for example, walking, running, cycling, gym shoes etc. Walking shoes, for instance, are made with materials that can absorb the impact of the ground upon your feet.
  • Wear shoes with laces. Laces bind the shoes properly to your feet, minimizing the chances of a trip and fall.
  • Consider the shoe that is appropriate for your shoe arch. People with flat and high-arched feet may benefit from custom orthotics. Seek an experienced podiatrist if you have an unusually high or flat arch.

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