Tips to Prevent Falling Injuries in the winter

Tips to Prevent Falling Injuries in the winter

Ice, heavy snow, fallen branches, high winds, puddles – regardless of your age or current health status, you may become the victim of a slip and fall accident in the winter season, if you’re not careful.

Types of Slip and Fall Injuries

Slipping and falling can result in severe injuries, including –

  • fractures and breaks
  • head and brain injuries
  • neck injuries
  • back and spinal cord injuries
  • knee or shoulder dislocation
  • permanent scarring
  • wrongful death

What you can do to prevent fall injuries?

The colder months present may slip and fall hazards but you can keep yourself safe with the following tips –

  • Wear the right shoes – When it’s slippery or wet outside, wear boots with traction. Avoid heels. Walk carefully and keep your feet as flat as possible.
  • Watch out – Be careful about puddles of water, especially near entrances to stores, homes and other buildings.
  • Black ice – When you’re driving, black ice can be hazardous. So, keep an eye out for black ice.
  • Use support – When it’s available, use support or handrails, such as while walking up a set of stairs or getting out of your vehicle, to support yourself.
  • Avoid carrying things as you walk and keep your hands outside your pockets. If your hands are full or inside the pockets when you fall, it can prevent you from catching yourself.
  • If you suspect an area to be slippery, tap your foot on it before walking across.
  • Avoid uneven surfaces on steps and curbs, as they may have residual ice on them.
  • In case you fall and sustain an injury, seek medical care right away. Your doctor can perform a thorough examination, determine the extent of your injuries and prescribe appropriate treatment to help you heal as quickly as possible.

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