Top 10 Ways Diabetes Can Kill You

Top 10 Ways Diabetes Can Kill You

Diabetes, though a very common disease, is often neglected as not many are aware of how dire its consequences can be. As per a report published in 2014, about 9.3% Americans had this disease in 2012, which is a big growth compared to the numbers recorded in 2010 (8.3%).

This disease slowly devours the human body and can even cause sudden death. As per the data found in National Diabetes Statistic Report, it is the 7th leading cause of deaths in the US. The disease itself may not be a direct cause of deaths (69,071 deaths in 2010 with diabetes being the direct cause); however, it does heavily contribute to deaths (234,051 deaths listed it as an connected cause).

To help you lead a healthy life and combat this disease better, given below are top 10 ways in which diabetes can kill you. It is important that you’re well aware so that you can live a healthy life.

10. Due To Viral Infections

If you have diabetes, catching viral infections can create havoc. Something as little as cold can be troublesome because viruses can cause the depletion of the immune system in the body. When you catch viral infections, your body uses hormones to battle the virus, making it difficult for your body to produce insulin. Such a situation may result in the buildup of acid in your blood (especially in type-I diabetes) which is a life threatening problem.

9. Kidney Failure

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of kidney failure (44% as per new data). Even controlled diabetes can cause kidney failure and must be taken seriously. Patients with kidney failure require dialysis or a transplant, which if not possible may result in death.

8. Damage to Blood Vessels

Diabetic patients might face consistent damage to the blood vessels, which triggers the possibilities of strokes, heart attacks and also kidney failures. It’s considered a risk factor in myocardial infarction and coronary artery disease that are associated with sudden cardiac death.

7. Consuming Fats in Your Diet

One of the most important reasons for untimely deaths of diabetic patients is the consumption of foods composing of high fat. A diabetic patient is required to follow a strict diet that focuses on a low-fat food items in order to maintain the blood sugar level.

6. Damage to Bones

Diabetes can further trigger depletion of the bones due to a lack of insulin making them quite fragile. Sudden movements and extreme pressure on the body can lead to fatal accidents, especially in old age. One should be very careful because some of these accidents may be life threatening.

5.  Cuts and Wounds

Daniel Cohen, DPM, a podiatrist working with MAB in Brevard County believes that if you have diabetes you should take all cuts seriously, including the minor ones you have while shaving. This is because diabetic patients lack the ability to heal their wounds naturally which is why special care is needed. Many diabetic patients have lost their lives to small wounds that did not heal naturally and ended up causing infections that caused death.

4. Dehydration Problems

Diabetes can also increase effects like frequent urination and dehydration. A diabetic person would want to consume water on a frequent basis, which if ignored can lead to fatality. Deaths due to dehydration are rare though.

3. Eating Habits

Diabetic patients have to be very careful in what they eat or drink. This is because not having proper meal may cause their blood sugar level to increase (hyperglycemia) or decrease (hypoglycemia) to an alarming level. Both high and low sugar levels are dangerous for health and may lead to death. This is why it is important to take care of what you eat and keep an eye on blood sugar level.

2. Hepatitis C

Diabetes (Type-II) is said to worsen the prognosis of hepatitis C, a deadly disease the vaccine of which is yet to be invented. Hepatitis C is a leading cause of death worldwide and when combined with diabetes it becomes even more deadly. Scientists are still studying the relationship between diabetes and hepatitis C to be able to reach concrete conclusions.

1.     Other Diseases

In addition to several cardiovascular diseases, diabetes is also linked with different types of cancers. Since diabetes weakens the immune system patients suffering from cancer and diabetes run a higher risk of losing their battle to the killer disease. A report published by the American Diabetes Association and the American Cancer Society says that a direct connection has not been found yet; however, it is believed that diabetic patients run a higher risk of suffering from breast cancer, bladder cancer and liver cancer. Additionally, diabetes also causes or increases the risk of other diseases like retinopathy and neuropathy


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