Top 3 Reasons to go for Annual Physicals

Top 3 Reasons to go for Annual Physicals

Most of us know that going for an annual physical from your doctor is important to stay healthy. But many people think they don’t need one, since they are in a state of good overall health.

Research shows that people who go for regular annual physicals can prevent disease and lead healthy lives.

Here are areas where regular check-ups and annual screenings can make a big difference to your health.

Heart Disease

While it may seem that heart attacks and strokes happen suddenly, these conditions would give off warning signs prior to their occurrence. There are risk factors also associated with these conditions and they can be detected with an annual physical.

Cardiovascular exams help to save tens of thousands lives annually. Addressing risk factors can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke to a large extent.


Cancer kills more than five hundred thousand people every year in the United States. About one and a half million are diagnosed with some type of cancer every year. It has been proven that early detection and diagnosis can help in complete and faster recovery.

It has been estimated that almost a third of all cases of cancer may be cured and a large percentage of all cancer deaths can be prevented with early detection and annual physicals can go a long way in early detection.


Modern vaccinations save millions of children across the globe every year. But they aren’t just meant for kids. A routine physical with your doctor will help keep track of the vaccinations you need and ensure you get them on time.

Many people suffer from a chronic illness without being aware of it. Unfortunately, chronic diseases are responsible for a majority of all deaths. It’s not possible to treat a condition if you don’t even know you have it. Annual physicals can help detect a disease in its early stages so that it can be prevented from worsening.

Annual physicals and preventive health screenings can prevent many diseases from developing, detect many in their early stages, increase life expectancy and help you maintain an overall state of good health. You can achieve all this and more by scheduling your annual physical today. All you have to do is call your nearest healthcare center or urgent care center.

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