Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy in San Diego

Treatment of Peripheral Neuropathy in San Diego

The treatment of peripheral neuropathy in San Diego will vary depending on the causes, which can be many. Vitamin deficiency, alcoholism, diabetes, and medications can all cause the onset of nerve damage and the treatment can stop or slow the damage depending on the source.

One of the biggest problems for patients with peripheral neuropathy is pain, so pain relievers are an integral part of any treatment. Medications that can be purchased without a prescription include ibuprofen, and aspirin. Oxycodone, a narcotic, or tramadol may be prescribed for the most severe symptoms. Some of the more common pain medications include acetaminophen, NSAIDs, COX-2 Inhibitors like Celebrex, Corticosteroids, and Mexiletine.neuropathy-265x170

A cream that can be applied topically is often a good choice for pain relief. It can be applied directly to the skin and includes over-the-counter medications that contain aspirin or capsaicin, found in chili peppers. Capsaicin creates a warm feeling on the skin similar to the heat that is generated in chili-infused foods and may take some getting used to. Lidocaine is a patch containing anesthetic which is applied to the skin and infused medication through the skin in manner similar to the cream treatments. These medications, along with the anticonvulsant class, have been found to be effective in some patients, but they are not approved by the FDA as a therapy for peripheral neuropathy.

Interestingly, some antidepressants have been used to interfere with the message transmittal process from the limb to the brain. This interference blocks that transmittal of pain messages to the brain and helps relieve pain from neuropathy and other ailments.

Physical therapies can supplement medications and in some cases relieve symptoms or inflammation. Surgery is required for symptoms that are caused by internal pressure like a growth or tumor, infrared therapy helps diabetic neuropathy patients regain some sensation in the feet, and there are experimental treatments that involve magnets in the soles of the shoes, and infrared therapy. Another experimental therapy involves injection of a nerve block which will prevent pain messages from being Diabetic and Peripheral Neuropathytransmitted to the brain from the affected area.

Some neuropathies that are caused by autoimmune reaction may benefit from a therapy which removes the immune cells from the blood, or globulin therapy in which the immune system is reduced as the patient is given large amounts of protein.

Neuro-stimulation is an interesting therapy that claims to actually reverse the damage due to neuropathy. The device that transmits electrical stimulus to the nerves is said to “re-educate” the nerve pathways, and actually rebuild them so that signals can get through to the brain again. This is not FDA approved, but may be effective therapy for some.

Oxygenation is another unapproved, but possibly effective treatment which claims to remove toxic loads in the body and may help relieve the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy.

Acupuncture, the insertion of needles into specific areas of the body, physical manipulation therapy, massage, and exercise have been found to relieve the symptoms in some patients and may be worth attempting if other therapies fail.

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