Urine Problem Home Remedy (Is It Always The Solution Or Do You Need A Specialist)

Urine Problem Home Remedy (Is It Always The Solution Or Do You Need A Specialist)

Urinary problems can cause many difficulties and symptoms depend on the cause or causes of the problem. Difficulty initiating urination, impaired bladder emptying, and urinary incontinence can lead to infections in the bladder and urinary system. The type of treatment is dependent on the symptoms and the causes, as do diagnosis and treatment.


There are several symptoms to be aware of that can signify infection or other causes. These symptoms include the following:

  • painful urination
  • difficulty starting urination
  • sense of incomplete bladder emptying
  • inability to urinate


A variety of home remedies may be used to treat or prevent urinary infections and maintain urinary health with success. However, if the problem is due to a physical cause conventional medicine may be a better approach.


Some recommended home remedies for the prevention of infection and urinary health maintenance include the following:

  • Drink plenty of water
  • drinking unsweetened cranberry juice, fresh pineapple juice, blueberry juice
  • increasing vitamin C intake
  • drinking baking soda
  • probiotics
  • Not wanting to void
  • proper hygiene


The thought is that cranberry juice and certain other juices increase acidity and act as a natural antibiotic. Cranberry also contains proanthocyanidin that prevents bacteria from adhering to the bladder wall and urethra. Baking soda improves urine acidity, pineapple cures an infection, and apple cider vinegar kills the bacteria. These home remedies help with prevention and treatment of infection in the bladder and urethra.


When the natural remedies stop working it may be time to consult a doctor or urologist. Physical causes require specific treatment ranging from bladder muscle conditioning and medications to implant devices or surgery. A urologist specializes in urinary and related problems of the pelvic area.


Women  may have a variety of conditions that can affect the urinary system including:

  • urinary retention
  • urinary tract infection
  • prolapsed bladder
  • other conditions resulting from menopause or pregnancy


Conventional medical treatments include an antibiotic and simple preventive measures like drinking water, proper hygiene, and voiding when needed are routinely implemented.

Males have specific causes for urinary problems as well. Age-related changes and the aging process can lead to:

  • prostate enlargement
  • urinary retention
  • neurogenic bladder
  • slow urination
  • urinary incontinence
  • incomplete bladder emptying


Underlying causes may include:

  • neurogenic bladder
  • overactive bladder
  • interstitial cystitis


Other causes of bladder dysfunction include neurological conditions such as:

  • spinal nerve impingement
  • spinal cord problems
  • stroke
  • Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease
  • other conditions


Although natural remedies and home remedies are helpful with the prevention and treatment of simple urinary tract infections, other symptoms like pain can signify additional problems. Treatment can range from non-surgical to surgical depending on the underlying cause (s).

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