What to Check in an Urgent Care Center

What to Check in an Urgent Care Center

A few million patients visit urgent care centers every week. If you or a loved one is suffering from a life-threatening condition, like a heart attack, there is no doubt you need to go to an ER in a nearby hospital. What about less life-threatening conditions?

When your GP is not available (or when you don’t have a GP in the first place), most people go to the emergency room which may not be necessary since you may have a minor illness. That is where urgent care centers come in.

The question is what to look for in an urgent care center before you walk into one.

1. Urgent care centers provide quality health care for minor illnesses when your GP’s office is closed or inaccessible. That’s why about most urgent care centers work seven days a week.

2. Your urgent care center should be able to help with a variety of conditions that are not emergencies, but still require care within 24-hours. Here are a few examples –

• Sprains and Fractures – Urgent care centers can examine and treat your bone and decide if you need to go to a hospital.

• Sore Throat – Routine medical problems like strep throat can be easily dealt with by an urgent care center. But if you have severe chest pain, ER is where you go to.

3. Diagnostics and Lab Work – Instead of waiting for a doctor for hours or at the emergency room, urgent care centers help you get tested right away if you doubt you may need some imaging or blood work.

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