Why house call doctors are needed?

Why house call doctors are needed?

If you choose to become a house call doctor, you would be providing medical care and attention to patients at their home or office. This would involve treatment of non-life threatening ailments which still need urgent attention, such as treating a senior with severe sore throat.

House call doctors were the norm many years ago. A doctor knocking on someone’s door was a common sight. But with evolution of modern medicine and advanced facilities, this practice reduced and became non-existent. However, for some situations, the house call doctors are a blessing. What if someone is facing an acute condition that doesn’t require going to the emergency room, needs urgent medical attention? What if you just need ongoing medical care for an aging parent at home for whom each hospital visit is a challenge?

The answer to these problems is – House Call Doctors. Modern medicine and technology has made it possible to not only bring patients the doctor, but also diagnostics and lab work at home. This is especially useful for seniors in nursing facilities. The doctor can make an assessment of the fall, injury or ailment at the spot and start treatment.

But that makes the job of the house call doctor quite challenging. Mobile medicine works on the principle of ‘patient-first’ approach. If you choose to be a house call doctor at a top medical care center, such as Pacific Medical Care in San Diego, you may have to work quickly and skillfully at patient’s homes and offices. You may be asked to provide ongoing care to home bound patients for chronic conditions, like heart disease and diabetes.

To know more about house call doctors and how to be one, get in touch with Pacific Medical Care at 619-333-8114.

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