Why More Patients Are Turning Towards House Calls

Why More Patients Are Turning Towards House Calls

A doctor, with a black bag in hand, making house calls was a common sight in the 60s. As medicine advanced and technology became one of the mainstays of medicine, medical care stayed confined within the hospitals. Specialty medicine evolved and urgent care now meant waiting in the ER. So patients started yearning for the quintessential house call doctor again.

Today, leading urgent care centers like Pacific Medical Care in San Diego provide mobile medicine services that include house call doctors, acute and chronic care and mobile diagnostics. The house call offers many benefits to patients as well as doctors. Here are the most important benefits of house calls.

  • If you or a loved one is sick, the last thing you want is to make a trip to the busy ER. House call doctors help to save time, money and hectic hospital visits.
  • Patients get immediate, high-quality, personalized care in the comfort of their own home or office.
  • Patients can choose the doctor they would like to see.
  • House call doctors employ a holistic patient-centered approach to care by spending time assessing the patients’ health with respect to their lifestyle and environment.
  • House call doctors and mobile medicine can help senior care tremendously. This is also convenient for the caregivers. Chronic disease management can be easily done using mobile medicine.
  • Availability of medical care at home reduces out-of-pocket expenses associated with medical transportation and emergency care.

To learn more about house call doctors and mobile medicine, call Pacific Medical Care at 619-333-8114 NOW.

Pacific Medical Care offers a broad suite of healthcare services, with the goal in mind of providing expert, customized, first rate care to treat the whole patient. Pacific Medical Care has turned healthcare delivery truly into a “Patient First” service by making the doctor come to YOU.

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