Why more people are choosing urgent care over the emergency room

Why more people are choosing urgent care over the emergency room

An increasing number of people now choose to go to an urgent care center rather than the ER of a hospital. Here are the top reasons why.

Shorter Wait Times

Compared to a crowded ER, an urgent care center’s doctors would see you much sooner. This is important since you or your loved one is not feeling well and you want a doctor to talk to.


Since an urgent care center is not as busy as the ER, you are not inconvenienced at all. The staff has more time to compassionately attend to your situation.


Urgent care facilities are also more efficient because you do not have to deal with different departments. You are attended by one doctor the whole time you are at an urgent care center.

No extras

At an ER, doctors may order several tests to figure out the root cause of your symptoms. This may result in higher costs for you. At an urgent care center, you only need to undergo tests that are absolutely required. This saves you time, money and the hassle of going through several tests and examinations.

Less sick people

You have a less chance of catching an infection from another patient at an urgent care center as compared to an ER. This is because an ER is very crowded and that means more sick people with all kinds of diseases.

Going to an urgent care is certainly a better experience than going to an ER. If you are looking for an internal medicine doctor in San Diego, call Pacific Medical Care at 619-333-8114 Today. Mobile doctors treat urgent non-life-threatening emergencies, diagnose and treat chronic diseases, administer immunizations and more. All you have to do is make a phone call and the doctor will be at your doorstep within a short while!

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